There are a lot of NPCs in Fazbear and Friends 2. There are shopkeepers, challengers, masters, and hireable adventurers.


The shopkeepers in Fazbear and Friends 2 will sell you various goods to help you on your adventure. Mendo will sell you upgrades for your endoskeleton increasing your defense. Lolbit will sell you bytes that will assist you in battle. DeeDee will sell you adventurers that you can add to your party.


Masters are characters that you can train under to learn new moves and gain strength. Sometimes a master can improve the strength of your moves. Your master is chosen in the beginning and that will determine the moves your character will learn over time.

Challengers and AdventurersEdit

The challengers and adventurers are characters that decided they want to test their strength. The appearance of a challenger/adventurer is randomly generated along with their name. Their color is also completely random. Adventurers can be hired using Faz Tokens.